Mission Statement


The Learning Disabilities Association of Maine is dedicated to assisting individuals with specific learning disabilities through support, education, and advocacy.


LDA is dedicated to a world in which:

  • All individuals with learning disabilities are empowered to thrive and participate fully in society;
  • The incidence of specific learning disabilities is reduced; and
  • Learning disabilities are universally understood and effectively addressed.

LDA serves children, families, and adults with learning disabilities through support, education, and advocacy by providing:

  • Information on specific learning disabilities and related disorders, local and national education news and events through the post, newsletters, E-news, and on the web site;
  • Information about the special education law, civil rights, and the Americans with Disabilities Act;
  • Referrals to community and national resources, and community outreach;
  • Direct individualized face-to-face, telephone, and e-mail consultation to our members with specific learning disabilities and their families;
  • Leadership, mentoring, and support groups for parents, youth, and adults;
  • Professional development for schools, providers, employers, and community members through workshops, our annual conference, collaborative partners, and through individual requests including:
    • Parent involvement assistance for schools aimed at increasing positive student outcomes;
    • Collaborative efforts state-wide with parent and disability organizations, business, providers, faith-based, and community agencies, and with the Maine Departments of Education, Corrections, Labor, and Safety working to lower the negative statistical outcomes of our children and families, while increasing opportunities for success at school, at work, in relationships, and in the community;
    • On site and by mail educational materials in assessable alternative formats (audio cassette, VHS, CD, DVD) to our members through our lending Resource Media Center.