Maine's Amalgam Rule

LDA of Maine helped to lead the charge on a new amalgam rule that takes affect in April 2020 on amalgam dental fillings which are 50% mercury. We know that amalgam is the biggest use of mercury in a product or device and is getting into our environment, our fish, and our bodies. We are thankful that the Maine Dental Board approved this new rule that requires dental providers to get written informed consent of the patient or guardian before using mercury fillings.

“Parents of children with disabilities often go to great lengths to avoid exposing their children to neurotoxins,” said Tracy Gregoire, with the Learning Disabilities Association of Maine. “But parents can only avoid toxins if they are provided with the information. Thankfully, the dental board recognizes consumers’ right to know with this new rule. This is a big win for patient’s rights, and critical to helping all Mainers to know their rights when it comes to mercury fillings.”

We were proud to work with Consumers for Dental Choice, Mercury Policy Institute, Environmental Health Strategy Center and the Organic Consumers Association to get this new rule passed. LDA of Maine organized this effort in Maine and was one of the original petitioners to the Maine Dental Board.

LDA of Maine Healthy Children Project Coordinator,  Ann Johnson, LDA of Maine President and Charlie Brown, Consumers for Dental Choice Director after the hearing on the new amalgam rule at the Maine Dental Board of Practice building in Augusta.