About LDA's Healthy Children's Project

Toxic chemicals don’t belong in kids’ food or toys or furniture – and they certainly don’t belong in kids’ brains.

Scientists and medical experts agree that toxic chemicals in our food, products, water, and air are hurting babies’ brains and putting our kids at higher risk for problems with learning and behavior.

Learning and developmental disabilities are estimated to affect approximately one in six children in the U.S. under the age of 18. There are many factors that contribute to these numbers – heredity, gene expression, social environment, nutrition and chemical contaminants – but the National Academy of Sciences has estimated that 3% are directly due to toxic chemical exposure and these exposures play a role in at least another 25%.

Infants and young children are particularly vulnerable to toxic chemicals as their bodies are rapidly developing, and in fact, 75% of brain development occurs in the first three years of a child’s life. Exposure to toxic chemicals in everyday products can impact the developing brain of the fetus, infant and young child resulting in lifelong struggles with learning.

LDA started the Healthy Children’s Project to address the links between toxic chemicals in the environment and learning disabilities to:

  • Assist families in learning more about toxic chemicals and what they can do to protect their families;
  • Understand the possible causes of learning and developmental disabilities;
  • Help protect the health of all Maine families.

Check out our Healthy Children Project website, including our protect your family page for great tips on how to avoid harmful chemicals in products. And to get the latest on resources, scientific studies, and tips, sign up for our e-newsletter and like our Facebook page.

LDA is the only disabilities organization in the country turning the scientific evidence into clear messages to decision makers, resulting in safer products and healthier air, food, and water! Please consider a donation today. With your support, we are changing kids’ futures so that all children are able to learn, play and grow to their full potential.

Working together, we can provide a healthy planet, healthy minds, and a healthy future for our children!